Yui Thai Massage  

Is an Authentic Thai Massage in Dublin 1, opposite connolly train station just inside the mens room barber.
We’re providing a traditional Thai Massage Therapy, soothing, rejuvenating, healing and recovery.
Thai massage is another acts of greatest category of physiotherapy, there are many optional that providing such as relaxing, reflexology, pain relieves, any physical illness, or a symptom of repetative strain injuries from your work force.
To fight againts your daily life, bad working days, stress from your sleeping habits and too noisy in your living area, also can cause the problems to your health.
That is why you should take a massage one a month, the Thai Yoga Massage is one of greatest routine to refresh your days out.
The treatments including: Head massage, foot massage, traditional Thai massage, Back neck and shoulder massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, Hot oil massage, thai oil massage, swedish massage.
Recommended & Beneficials:  


Authentic Thai Massage  

It can help with muscle and joint tension, relieve deep stiffness and maintain flexibility. The overall results bring balance to the skeletal structure, stimulating internal organs, improving blood flow and balancing the energy.


40 Minutes Massage  

Any type of massage special offers €35 / 40 mins


Back Neck & Shoulder  

This session of treatment is focusing on the upper back, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. Featuring techniques of Indian style, Thai and Swedish Massage


Hot Oil Massage  

This is ideal for anyone who desires to increase their energy flow. With busy day to day lives, working schedules & routines, you will find an Asian Hot Oil Massage a refreshing experience.